Washroom Services

We have been successfully providing washroom services for all types of businesses, schools, colleges, care homes etc in our region for over 15 years.

Our washroom services are ordered on a contract basis, based on our standard set of terms. Prices quoted are for the period of the contract (please call to speak to representative for more information).

What makes our service unique...

  • Our all female team are fully trained and DBS (CRB) verified, we service your bins on-site using a quick and discreet sanitary collection and disposal service, no bins are removed from site, so you won’t even know we are there.
  • All units are cleaned with a bactericidal solution which sanitises and leaves bins fresh, waste is then disposed of in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act.
  • We are a fully ADR licensed carrier of clinical waste which complies to CDG (carriage of dangerous goods) regulations.
  • We offer a free product installation, flexible service intervals and emergency call out facility.
  • We can be flexible and increase or decrease your number of services for your busier or less busier periods.
  • Our annual waste transfer notes are included in the price quoted, most companies charge this additionally.
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