Terms & Conditions of Sale

At anglianchemicals.com you are the customer, You agree to purchase goods from anglianchemicals.com subject to these Terms and Conditions which will apply to all transactions.

You must be 18 years or older and must register an account to purchase goods from anglianchemicals.com.

A active email address is required so that anglianchemicals.com can supply detailed information regarding your order, such as Invoice, order conrmation and any changes.

By registering with anglianchemicals.com your are allowing your email address to be used to supply this information. Your email address will not be shared with any third parties.

Sales Terms
The term 'goods' refers to products, brands or services ordered by the customer and delivered or available for delivery to the customer by the seller (Anglian Chemicals) and included on the invoice to the customer. The customer refers only to the party who contract with the seller in accordance with these terms.

Limitation or Liability
The seller shall not be liable to the customer or to any third party for any consequential loss or claim demand loss of any third party arising from the seller’s breach of failure to perform the whole or any part of this contract. Under no circumstances will the company’s liability exceed the cost of replacement or the price paid by the purchaser.

When the goods are delivered, you or someone on your behalf over the age of 18, are required to inspect the goods. The contract of sale is not complete until you accept the goods at the time of delivery. You are within your rights to refuse part or all of the delivery before signing the delivery note.

Anglian Chemicals will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the goods once the delivery note has been signed. All shortages or damaged goods must be reported within 2 working days by writing or email.

Payment will be requested from the credit card company on the day the order is placed to cover the cost of the goods and delivery. A surcharge may be added for heavy items.

Value Added Tax at the standard rate is calculated to the nearest penny and added the on the value of each order invoice. 

Alternative Goods
Goods ordered are subject to availability and prevailing market conditions. If any goods ordered are not available an Anglian Chemicals representative will contact you to oer an alternative product or full refund. This contact will be either telephone or email.

Any variations to these terms must be agreed in writing and customer purchase order terms do not automatically over ride them 

The prices on Anglianchemicals.com are the current stated price for that product. This price will be xed for the customer at the point of completing the transaction by payment.

Any goods rejected at point of delivery to the carrier will be automatically refunded to the payment method used, unless the customer requires a replacement/alternate product. Any goods once inspected and in a satisfactory condition will be refunded and the monies returned within 5-7 working days.

Goods returned to us in an unsatisfactory condition and deemed un-resalable will be partially refunded dependant upon the condition of the item received.
You must decide at the time of purchase if the products are suitable for your needs, anglianchemicals.com will not be held responsible for any mistakes made by the user.

To help us ensure and continue to provide you with the best service policy some of our calls may be recorded. No details provided by you will be shared or available for any third party companies. These terms and conditions and the documents produced in accordance with it comprise the entire agreement between you and anglianchemicals.com. English law is the governing law of each contract.

Contact us
Anglian Chemicals, Millers Close, Fakenham Industrial Estate, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8NW.

Tel: 01328 851407 Fax: 01328 855701

Web: www.anglianchemicals.com Email: sales@anglianchemicals.com

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