Super Concentrated Lemon Washing up liquid

Super Concentrated Lemon Washing up liquid

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100 Refills per bottle! Which means 100 Sinks or 100 Buckets @ ONLY 11p per dose!

Anglian Chemicals have created a range of innovative super concentrated chemical formulations and teamed them up with an equally innovative bottle/dosing mechanism.

The chemicals themselves have very high dilution rates (100 doses per 1L bottle) which helps cost conscious customers control each litre of product they require.

The bottles are overturning convention and introducing something more simple, more accurate and more effective than the old squeeze type dosing bottles. A simple turn of the bottle upside down sends the liquid into the dosing chamber leaving behind the correct dosage. All that remains is to pour out the liquid and dilute, taking advantage of the no spill and tamper evident safety features.

  • Super concentrated chemicals
  • Very low cost in use
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No squeezing required
  • No spill / dribble design
  • Tamper evident top
  • Dishwash detergent with a fresh lemon fragrance that produces rich, long lasting suds.
  • Formulated for the rapid penetration, emulsification and dispersion of heavy grease and soiling.
  • Streak free and sparkling results.

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